New Hampshire Democrats,
What the hell are you doing?

You might as well
Write In Bozo.

Send a clear message to Washington Democrats that the NH primary and its rich history will not be disrespected, disregarded, or skipped by ANYONE and MUST be protected. Write in BOZO


Joe Biden’s Big New Hampshire Blunder




You blew it in New Hampshire, Joe Biden.



Bozo Never Started a War

Bozo didn’t inflate the price of gas and groceries

Bozo never raised your taxes

Bozo never took money from a crooked son

Bozo could put together sentences


17% higher costs due to Bidenflation

13% more homicides

33% increase in aggravated assaults

6.2 Million Illegal Border Crossings

Help Defeat Biden:

New Hampshire, known for its pivotal role in the American political saga, finds itself at a crossroads. The dissatisfaction with the current administration is palpable. From economic turmoil to foreign policy challenges, the Granite State's residents are yearning for change and clarity. This campaign emerges from a deep-seated concern about the direction the President is taking us and a longing for a political environment that better reflects the values and needs of its people.

Despite that deep-seated concern, leading New Hampshire Democrats want to reward Joe Biden's disrespect of New Hampshire by writing in his name on the First in the Nation Primary Ballot when he wasn't brave enough to put his name on our ballot.

Democrat leaders in the House, Senate, and those running for Governor, Joyce Craig and Cinde Warmington, want to reward Joe Biden's complete disrespect for New Hampshire.

The President doesn't  deserve some vanity project after he was too much of a coward to bring himself to run in our Primary. Remember, he failed to strip New Hampshire of our First in the Nation Primary Status.

Democrats, don't reward bad behavior like this.

Send a stronger message instead:

Economic Policies: The Reality Behind 'Bidenomics'

The economic landscape has been a rollercoaster, with soaring inflation and challenging job markets. The policies dubbed 'Bidenomics' have been at the center of much debate. Bidenomics is a path to economic hardship and uncertainty. This campaign seeks to highlight these economic challenges and encourage a dialogue on sustainable economic solutions.

Foreign Policy: A World in Disarray

The global stage is fraught with conflicts and complexities. From the ongoing war in Ukraine to tensions in the Middle East, the current foreign policy approach has drawn criticism for its ineffectiveness and misdirection. The 'Write in Bozo' campaign uses these issues to underscore the need for thoughtful, nuanced foreign policy that prioritizes peace and stability.

Domestic Policies: Promises vs. Reality

On the home front, issues like education reform, border control, and a mental health crisis remain hot-button topics. Promises have been made, yet many feel that the actions taken have fallen short of expectations. This campaign aims to bring these domestic policy challenges to the forefront, advocating for a more responsive and effective approach to the issues that affect us daily.